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Significance of the corporate logo

The logo represents Maxwell Chambers’ corporate values in its rich symbolism.


The Lion, a traditional symbol of courage and justice, is depicted with its paw on an Open Book, the embodiment of peace, learning and wisdom. Together their association portrays the incarnation of courage in knowledge and intellect, promulgating justice and goodwill for all.


This unique juxtaposition aptly encapsulates Maxwell Chambers’ vision to be an organisation par excellence, a trusted and entrusted partner to our valued stakeholders in facilitating international dispute resolution.

Our Name

While “Chambers” describes our core business of hiring out rooms, the name “Maxwell” was chosen because it brings to mind a unique legal and business heritage in the context of Singapore’s history.


Named in 1925, Maxwell Road where we are located was named after Irishman, Sir Peter Benson Maxwell. He was originally the Recorder of Singapore, but he goes down in history as Singapore’s first Chief Justice, by virtue of the fact that in 1867 the title Recorder was changed to Chief Justice of the Straits Settlements during his tenure. Sir Peter Benson Maxwell was also the first of four generations of Maxwells who had a Singapore connection and held high office.


Another prominent Maxwell in Singapore’s history was John Argyle Maxwell who was a merchant based in Java and had served in the Home Guards. He was one of the first three magistrates in the Settlement of Singapore, appointed by Sir Stamford Raffles himself. He commissioned the design of a two-storey house in 1826 and rented it out to the government to operate as a Court House. In 1841, the Government bought over the building, eventually turning it into the Assembly House in 1954 and today it is known as the Old Parliament House.

Our Mission

“To provide one-stop, best of class facilities and services for the conduct of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) activities in Singapore and contribute to the growth of the ADR industry”